Things you should know…

Why Now?
Your needs and the industry are evolving—now we can stay ahead. Technology, planning resources, and the ability to combine tax-smart wealth management are the drivers. An added benefit is we remove corporate agendas and product limitations of the past.

Put plainly, more options and time to focus on you.

Where will my money be held?
Clearing and custody is provided by National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), a Fidelity Investments® company. Fidelity is one of the largest financial services providers in the United States.

How secure is my money?
We take privacy very seriously. World-class encryption and security protocols. SIPC protection and excess of SIPC coverage, 3rd Party auditing and employee training.

Where will Aksala (formerly The Evan Guido Group) be located?
Downtown Lakewood Ranch
8225 Natures Way #119
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202

What Does “Aksala” Mean?
AKSALA is ALASKA spelled backwards. Alaska is our largest state, known as the Last Frontier, the Great Land, Gods country. Let’s Say it together. (Ox-Sala) Aksala…. Aksala…. it has a strength to it!

To our President, Evan Guido, Aksala represents grace, hard work and opportunity. Reminiscent of his 11 years in the great state where he became licensed in the business, attended the University of Alaska Anchorage, began his career in the investment & real estate business, and more importantly married his high school sweetheart Brittany, whom many of you know.

No increase in your costs, nor costs to transfer. If you had advisory service fees that have been billed this quarter, you will receive a prorated refund of quarterly fees already paid at the time of transfer by the previous custodian.

You know we are conscious about taxes. “It is not what you make; it is what you keep.
No tax impacts will be incurred to move your portfolio as-is.

Investment Solutions?
Your network of people and planning tools, just grew. Aksala has the most innovative technology & planning tools available today at our fingertips.

Simply put: it is better. Tablet, phone, desktop—visit your money anytime or anywhere.
You can certainly have us handle it for you, as well! 

Will Evan continue to manage my money?

Will Jamie continue to be my resource?

You may be saying to yourself, “we want to join Aksala!”
Excellent! Simply call us at 941-500-5122 and we will send you a (docu-sign) for digital signature or prepare hard copies for a few quick signatures. The custodian change will occur within a few business days.

The Aksala office is within a Tuscan themed property built in the image of Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.

Evan Guido and Jamie Zinkhan, HD Vest Advisors. HD Vest Financial Services® is the holding company for the group of companies providing financial services under the HD Vest name. Securities offered through HD Vest Investment Services®, Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through HD Vest Advisory Services®. Insurance services offered through HD Vest Insurance Agency LLC. Aksala Wealth Advisors is not a registered broker/dealer or registered investment advisory firm.

National Financial Services LLC and Fidelity Investments® (together Fidelity®) are independent companies, unaffiliated with The Evan Guido Group, Aksala Wealth Advisors LLC and HD Vest Financial Services®. Fidelity is a service provider to HD Vest Financial Services®. There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation, or similar relationship between The Evan Guido Group, Aksala Wealth Advisors LLC, HD Vest and Fidelity, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein.

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