David Shugol, CLUSenior Wealth Advisor

David Shugol, CLU
Senior Wealth Advisor

Senior Wealth Advisor

My career started in our families retail business, that experience provided me work ethic, customer service skills along with the realization that it doesn't matter how fast you go if you don't know where you are going. Business road maps and in our personal lives financial planning road maps became increasingly valuable.

Years later, when I became a financial planner, I brought that planning knowledge to individuals, families and businesses via the creation of solid financial plans.

While many financial advisers will concentrate generally on investments only, as your Financial Life Manager, I will help you plan all of the important financial aspects of each stage of your life from the accumulation phase, the distribution phase, the aging process and finally the legacy or estate phase. This process is updated regularly and will create a roadmap for you so you will know where your financial life is going and how you will get there.

When not working with clients I enjoy my time on our Hobby Farm in Myakka City with my wife Laya and volunteering with Kiwanis.

I look forward to having a conversation with you here soon.