Concierge Investing

At Aksala Wealth we champion tax –efficient retirement planning.

Our team of financial professionals are corporately trained in investment research, tax considerations, portfolio design, and behavioral coaching. We bring you the “science” of investing via compelling charts, back testing, and comparative analysis tools.

The reality is data only matters when it adds value to you. Aksala brings the “artform” of planning to life by speaking casually on the topics and communicating regularly on the points that matter to you.

Our combined decades in caring for individual’s financial affairs has revealed the core of our offering. We provide time tested advice so you can have the greatest resource in the world, Time.

We enjoy living life alongside our clients and host educational, charitable, and fun events over the course of the year.

We provide our family office style of care to a finite number of preferred clients. Learn how you would benefit from the Aksala Experience.

We Believe…

1. Time Tested Data is our friend, we avoid fads.

2. Portfolio Construction and liquidity is important.

3. People and professionals over-complicate investing.

4. Taxes Matter. It is not what you make, but what you keep.

5. We avoid proprietary investments and offer straightforward pricing.

6. Investments and life are about cash flow. Rising Dividend Investing powers both.

Rising Dividend & Growth Strategy

“The stock market is the only place where an average person can go into partnership with the greatest companies in the world.” Warren Buffet

Investment Philosophy: We invest in companies with enduring competitive advantages, shareholder-aligned management, and large markets that provide opportunity for long-term growth. Our holdings offer a blend of current income, income growth and are purchased when they appear under-priced. The thesis emphasizes the compounding power of dividends as an increasing income source and performance boost compared to stocks that do not pay dividends. Low portfolio turnover can help effectively manage your capital gains taxes. The strategy is mindful that the future lies with companies bringing competitive advantages and technological innovation.

Income Portfolio

“Dreams are built on profits, but life is lived in the reality of cash flow.” Aksala Wealth

Investment Philosophy: The Conservative Retirees portfolio seeks to preserve capital and deliver a very safe, above average dividend yield. Dividend income is expected to steadily grow at a moderate rate. We invest in high quality companies with enduring competitive advantages, long operating histories, shareholder-aligned management, and large markets that provide opportunity for long-term growth. These businesses maintain reasonable payout ratios, generate consistent free cash flow, and have healthy balance sheets, providing a sturdy foundation for consistent dividend increases. We expect the portfolio to underperform in bull markets and significantly outperform in bear markets due to the defensive nature of its holdings.

Tactical ETF Strategy

"They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but...""... how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?" Princess Diana

Investment Philosophy: Our ETF Strategies are dynamically managed ranging from conservative income to growth. Striving to take advantage of global market opportunities focusing on downside risk management by changing allocations in response to market conditions.

Technology & Innovation Portfolio

“If you asked the people what they wanted they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford

Investment Philosophy: Much of the technology we utilize in our daily lives was seemingly not needed prior to its invention. Technology is an indispensable part of our lives. Internet usage continues to grow at a rapid pace. Demand is rising quickly for products such as mobile phones, wireless connectivity, mobile payments, computer devices, artificial intelligence, software, semiconductors and cloud computing. Today, many technology companies have matured into companies with strong balance sheets and financial flexibility while continuing to reinvest in their businesses.